Aug 30, 2011

Illustration Friday topic = disguise

i got this idea from a story my friend told me from when he was little.
he got a dinosaur costume that he loved for Halloween,
and one day he decided to wear it over to a friends house for dinner.

i really wanna somehow make this into a short story :)


Jamila said...


smolin said...

Love it! I've been thinking about a story to go along with it. I'll name this kid Jack and his friend Jennie. I think Jennie's parents are all nervous and uptight because they're entertaining The Big Boss and it's not going well. Jack comes in the back door unnoticed. Parents are out of the room for some reason and when they come back, Jack in his dinosaur costume and friend Jennie in her Aviator costume are happily playing with Big Boss who has tied his handkerchief around his head and picked up a cane to be a pirate.